We are a professional IPTV provider with a great name in the industry for offering the best IPTV reseller programs. We offer live streaming of television channels and television shows from Italy, Germany, Spain, China, United Kingdom, Arab and in Africa. We have managed to be the best because our reseller programs are friendly and offer the best.

What we offer in our IPTV Reseller Programs

Our IPTV reseller programs have continued to be the best in the market because we offer the best services. When you subscribe to the programs you can be assured that there is no one time that you will face any problem because our support is always there to offer the required support.
IPTV Reseller Programs

Our control panel

We provide flexible control panel. Our control panel gives you an opportunity to create and edit accounts in an easier manner. This means that you do not find any problem trying to use it. Even if it is your first time that you are using the control panel, there will be no issue trying to use the control panel. Another important thing you need to note about our control panel is that you will be able to do the creation and editing instantly, so you do not have to wait.

24/7 support service

As mentioned above, we do understand that issue might arise with any of our IPTV reseller programs. This is why we are always ready to offer any support that our clients needs any time of the day or night. Even during weekends and holidays our clients do not face any problems because our support team is always available to provide the right support. We provide 24/7 online support for urgent cases even for hours that are outside our normal business hours.

How we respond to questions

We do understand that our clients might have other questions that are not explained well in the tutorial that we provide. This means that if you still need more details about our IPTV reseller programs or how you can become a IPTV reseller, you should not hesitate to call or even send an email to us. We ensure that we offer the required information within the shortest time possible.

How to become an IPTV Reseller

Becoming an IPTV reseller of our programs is not hard as many people think. It is a simple process that just requires you to meet all the specifications provided. You will need to make an order of one of our plans. It is the plans that you order that will determine the number of accounts that you will be able to sell on monthly basis. The more plans that you choose the more accounts that you will be able to sell which will offer you more money.

How you get an account

Getting an account is a simple process. Once the payment is made we send you a username and password for your IPTV server panel. This makes it easy for you to create and edit all your accounts instantly and easily. This happens for all our IPTV reseller programs.

How to renew clients

It is possible for you to extend any account that you have by just making a new payment. It is by making the new payment that you will be allowed to renew your clients again.

Video tutorials

We provide a lot of video tutorials that will assist you and your clients to get our IPTV server work effectively. The video tutorials we give you guidelines on how you will have everything work well regardless of the devices that you use.

We offer resellers private control panel that has several features. Some of the features that our clients enjoy include download plugins, smart accounting and client monitoring.

IPTV Reseller

How we prevent and rectify errors in our IPTV reseller programs

When offering our reseller programs we understand well that errors do occur to any network. However, the most important thing is to ensure that all these errors are corrected and rectified in the right way to ensure that your system runs and function in a satisfactory manner. Our support team is always ready to control errors and ensure that they do not happen again in the future. We take the right step to ensure that we take the right action as soon as possible by offering necessary technical help.

Our IPTV reseller programs offer several advantages that you might not get from other programs that you get in the market. We provide a very cost effective and prospective reseller programs.

IPTV Reseller rules

We have rules that need to be followed for our IPTV reseller programs. One of the rules is that we do not accept any refunds for subscription after we have activated your account. So, it will be good for you to note this so that you do not get disappointed in the long end. You should also note that all our subscriptions are valid for twelve months. In case your device fails to access our service after you have made the purchase, you need to contact our support immediately. We ensure that we deal with the problem and ensure that it is activated instantly.

Payment method

For all our IPTV reseller programs, we only accept online payment through credit card, western union, bank transfer and moneygram. Something that you need to note is that we do not accept PayPal payment. We offer the different payment options so that our clients have wide range of choices and do not feel limited.

Advantages of our IPTV Reseller Programs

All our reseller programs are accessible to live television anywhere as long as there is internet connection. You also do not have to use set up dishes or satellites anymore. The price is also amazing meaning that as an IPTV reseller you end up saving a lot of money and at the same time get great returns on your investment. There are more than six hundred IPTV television channels that are available and there are more that will be added in the future.